NBA playoff scores 2017: 4 things we learned from a terrific opening day

The NBA Playoffs kicked off on Saturday with a quadruple-header and 10 straight hours of basketball. The first game of the day between the Cavaliers and Pacers came down to the wire, while the Bucks and Spurs cruised to big wins. The final game of the night between the Jazz and the Clippers came down to a buzzer beater from Joe Johnson, so we could all remember how good Iso Joe really is. Here is a quick recap from each game.

Mr. Rooney, as he was referred to throughout the organization, died Thursday at age 84. It is a day many had dreaded as he grew frail in recent years.

No one who loves the team had wanted to imagine it operating without his presence around the complex, in the owners’ box, and in the locker room shaking hands with Steelers players following most every game.

Those of us who grew up in the Pittsburgh area, in the Steelers era, were too young at first to understand the impact Dan Rooney had upon the franchise and its operations. He was the one who chose Chuck Noll as the team’s coach in 1969, near the end of another lost decade. He helped assemble the organization that built the 1970s dynasty, with Greene at the foundation and so many greats assembled around him — on the field and in the front office.

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