Ginobili also mentioned that San Antonio could utilize rotations without a true point guard.

Parker had been averaging 15.9 points during the postseason, a significant bump from the 10.1 he put up per contest in the regular season, before going down with 8:43 to play Wednesday. He’d already amassed 18 points and four assists before his injury. While the Spurs on’t be able to replace his veteran leadership and savvy, playing without him won’t be foreign territory for them, Parker missed 19 games during the regular season. San Antonio went 15-4 in those games.

Ginobili also mentioned that San Antonio could utilize rotations without a true point guard.

Rookie DeJounte Murray could be another option if coach Gregg Popovich decides to reach far down the bench.

Taken with the 29th overall pick, the 6-5, 170-pounder gives the Spurs a leaner, longer, more athletic look at point guard, but he has played just 24 minutes in eight playoff games. His brightest moment this season came during a four-game period in January, during which he played extended minutes while Parker was sidelined with an ailment. In that stretch, Murray averaged 13.2 points and three assists while helping the Spurs extend a winning streak to five games.

He then had 12 points, eight rebounds and six assists in Game 1 against the Celtics before his outstanding Game 2 showing. If Rondo does not play again in the playoffs, the Bulls now must figure out whether the last 15 games of good Rondo is enough to outweigh the months of headaches he gave Bulls coaches.

There’s some positive feeling on that from Rondo. And now that the Bulls now have a better grasp on how to handle his quirks, they might be more inclined to keep Rondo on board—especially if they decide against trading star Jimmy Butler and eschew the notion of a full rebuild altogether.

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