76ers’ Markelle Fultz’s ankle sprain downgraded

Markelle Fultz and the 76ers have seemingly dodged a bullet.

The Philadelphia rookie and No. 1 draft pick is expected to bounce back after his ankle injury was downgraded to a regular left ankle sprain, ESPN reported Sunday, citing league sources.

According to the report, Fultz is walking without trouble but is likely finished with Summer League play.

Fultz also took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to reassure his fans that he was doing fine.

Fultz suffered the injury Saturday in the team’s Summer League game against the Warriors when he landed awkwardly while trying to block a shot in the third quarter. He had to be helped off the court and appeared unable to put any weight on his left ankle.

But the Jazz are paying him to be a low-end starter and difference maker in this deal. A guy who genuinely produces. And that’s where things get dicey. This seems like an overpay for what Ingles actually provides in terms of production. Last year, the Australian wing averaged 10.6 points, 4.8 rebounds and 4.1 assists, relatively low numbers despite his efficiency. They’ll also be paying him for his age 30-33 seasons, which likely portends a decline given typical aging curves. Can the Jazz expect him to keep up this level of play?

Obviously, there is more to basketball than numbers. Ingles is considered a terrific teammate, and his play on the floor helps his teammates play better. Plus, the skilled nature of his game likely makes it so that it’ll age better than most. But there’s a lot of downside here.

It’s hard for me to say this given that Ingles is one of my favorite players to watch in the NBA, but on the whole, I’m not a huge fan of this deal. It’s not a disaster, and it’s not one that will be significantly problematic for the Jazz going forward. But it does seem to be an overpay for the older years of a wing, even if years 1 and 2 might end up being decent value-wise. jets_010

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