Dolphins took immediate action on Richie Incognito offseason incident

The end result felt bipolar and insincere. Men have struggled to figure out what women want for centuries, so maybe it shouldn’t be such a surprise that the sports world is struggling to figure it out. Whether it’s offering women makeovers before a baseball game or a boxed set of HBO’s Girls on DVD with a basketball ticket, most of these “ladies nights” seem to miss the mark, and reflect that old, overcompensating confusion.

Maybe they’ll get it right eventually. Until then, I’ll just crack open a beer and watch the game on my own. I have a nice new opener.

head Joe Philbin addressed the media for the first time about an incident last year involving Richie Incognito at a team golf outing last year.

Philbin says Miami took “immediate action” and addressed the matter privately, via Pro Football Talk. “We were made of aware of the situation, we took immediate action,” he said. “Any club action we took against any player would remain private.”

Incognito was accused of sexually harassing a female volunteer at a Dolphins golf event. The Dolphins did not discuss what kind of action they took, and Philbin indicated that he would not discuss the incident any more.

The Dolphins continue to be in the middle of a firestorm due to the ongoing saga involving Incognito and Jonathan Martin. Neither player will be with the team when they play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week. Philbin says that he wants the focus to stay on the game coming up and avoid any further distractions. That may be a tall order under the bright lights of ESPN on Monday Night Football.


Packers beat Lions to win NFC North title

The Green Bay Packers have had an up-and-down season, but they ended it the way they usually do under Aaron Rodgers: NFC North champions. The Packers beat the Detroit Lions on Sunday Night Football, clinching the division and the fourth seed.

This is their sixth division title under head coach Mike McCarthy. They’ll host the New York Giants in the Wild Card round next week. The Lions, on the other hand, will travel to Seattle and face the Seahawks.

Rodgers was tremendous against the Lions, throwing for four touchdowns and 300 yards in the 31-24 win. He also extended plays with his legs, rushing for 42 yards.

He doesn’t play basketball aggressively or with violence, but with extreme savvy and utmost precision. Everything is calculated, somehow, even in the heat of the moment, dozens and dozens of times per game.

Saturday was a fattened, engorged version of Harden’s play all season. His game was the feeling you get after a huge Thanksgiving meal that forces you to slip into sweatpants by 7 p.m. No NBA player has ever recorded 50 points, 15 rebounds, and 15 assists in a game. Harden did all that plus a little, tying his career high in assists and setting one with his 53 points. The Knicks were even within three points with a few minutes to play, and Harden scored eight points with several more rebounds down the stretch to put them away for good.

Geovany Soto: Left the White Sox in 2015 for a chance to be a starter in Anaheim. Soto spent a lot of time on the disabled list in 2016 as he suffered inflammation in both knees.