Super Bowl 51 will be officiated by ref Travis Kelce said shouldn’t work ‘at ‘f***ing Foot Locker’

Carl Cheffers has been confirmed as the head official for Super Bowl LI. Cheffers officiated the Divisional Round game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to Football Zebras. He’s the official who threw the controversial flag on Eric Fisher for holding.

The flag negated a successful two-point conversion by the Chiefs that would have given Kansas City a late-game lead over the Steelers. Pittsburgh won, 18-16, and advances to the AFC Championship to face the New England Patriots.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was angry and vocal about the call following the loss.

“Ref No. 51 shouldn’t even be able to wear a zebra jersey ever again,” Kelce said. “He shouldn’t even be able to work at fucking Foot Locker.”

This will be Cheffers’ first time officiating a Super Bowl. In addition to Sunday’s divisional game in Kansas City, Cheffers has officiated two wild card games.

Bosa missed the Chargers’ first four games because of a hamstring injury. He made up for his absence when he finally stepped on the field in Week 5, having two sacks and four tackles in his first NFL game. He finished the season with 10.5 sacks, one of the best in the NFL.

This likely won’t be the last time we hear their names called for rookie awards, with the “NFL Honors” set for Feb. 4. Elliott and Bosa are the front-runners for those honors, as well.

Outside of Elliott and Bosa, other Ohio State Buckeyes from their historic 2016 draft class named to the team were Michael Thomas of the Saints, and Taylor Decker of the Lions.

Travis Kelce unloads on refs for ‘horseshit’ penalty on Eric Fisher in loss to Steelers

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has never been shy about criticizing officials.

Sunday night after the Chiefs’ 18-16 loss against the Steelers, Kelce said that the hold on Eric Fisher that negated the Chiefs’ successful two-point conversion was a bad call. Specifically, he said it was “horseshit.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Kelce isn’t taking the loss well, or that he’s blaming officials.

In a 2014 game, he made a motion for what he thought of a certain penalty call. This season, he threw his towel at a referee like it was a flag because he didn’t like that call either.

We can probably expect to hear of a fine later on this week because of his strongly worded comments.

Bill O’Brien lays rumors to rest, says he will be the Texans’ coach again in 2017. Despite reports that the coach was butting heads with the general manager, O’Brien assured reporters he’ll return in 2017.

Atlanta arrives with great fanfare and a big win over Seattle. The Falcons dominated the Seahawks, and now they’ll host the Packers.

How the overlooked Falcons defense found a winning formula. Atlanta’s offense is usually the big story surrounding this team, but the defensive performance against the Seahawks deserves recognition.

Russell Wilson hilariously fell on his butt for a safety. Welp!

Seahawks-Falcons Rule Explanation: Why the final interception was not reviewed. It sure looked like it should’ve been, but there’s a reason it wasn’t.

Michael Bennett lost his cool in that game, and one of his teammates called him out for it, pointing out that the Seahawks’ history of fighting after the whistle costs them games.

The Seahawks were a huge let down for Russell Wilson’s MVP-level season. They’ve got to do something about that offensive line.

Vince Wilfork sweats so much, it literally bubbles out of his shoes

Vince Wilfork is a 6’2, 325-pound mountain of a man. Naturally he sweats a lot. He sweats even more while going through training camp practices in the summer heat of Houston, and it turns out a lot of that sweat ends up in his shoes.

A whole lot of it.

Yeah, Wilfork sweats so much that the sweat literally bubbles out of his shoes when he takes a step. Brian Cushing was nice enough to offer some advice and suggest Wilfork bring a second pair of shoes out for practice.

Wilfork seems to have his own method for keeping his feet in shape.

Kelly’s Eagles did that again last Sunday in preseason action against the Indianapolis Colts. The Eagles scored 36 points in a blink, even without starting quarterback Sam Bradford. In Kelly’s first season they finished fourth league-wide in scoring average per game (27.6) and second in yards gained per game (417.3). Last season they finished third in scoring (29.6 points per game) behind only Green Bay (30.4) and Denver (30.1).

His offensive concepts are artistic, cutting edge and stimulating.

They left the Colts looking perplexed in the 36-10 finish.

Colts coach Chuck Pagano said: “It’s extremely difficult. You open the preseason with this football team and from a defensive perspective the scheme is tough. You guys saw the same thing I saw. We gave up too many yards there.”

“Guys can’t wait for Chicago to come in and get back to a conventional style of football,” Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson said of the Eagles game being over and the Bears being next. “You have to give Philly credit. They have a lot of weapons and they keep you on your heels.”

Theres a big movement to having Jon Stewart host a Presidential debate in 2016

Theres a big movement to having Jon Stewart host a Presidential debate in 2016 but I think America would much prefer the two candidates go on First Take. My God it would be a transcendent moment in American politics. It would be equally as transformative as when they had the first ever televised debate where Kennedy looked like Adonis and Nixon basicaly turned into a raccoon. Can you guys serously imagine Donald Trump and Joe Biden debating whether or not Chip Kelly is racist?

After the two hour thrillride of the show was over, they asked us if I wanted to meet Skip and Stephen and I said a emphatic “hell yes.” They brought me up onto the stage and I shook there hands and I said “Skip Im just a real, real, big fan of your takes. There incredible.”

That really pissed Stephen A. Smith off.

After not playing for most of his rookie season, I can understand why people were excited by Kelce’s numbers last year. However, I see the potential for even more from him this season. At 6’5, 260 pounds, Kelce is still athletic enough to get down the field like a big wide receiver. The Chiefs eventually started moving him all around their formations last season to put him in better positions to get the ball. It made sense because of his ability to run after the catch.

His hands are also top-notch, and he has a knack for going up and catching contested passes. You put it all together and it’s clear that Kelce is going to be a problem for opposing defenses this season, maybe even on par with a guy like Jimmy Graham.

With new running back LeSean McCoy in town, and a sketchy quarterback situation, the Bills will be relying on Miller and the offensive line to lead the offense.

Le’Veon Bell broke Franco Harris’ 42-year Steelers record in his 1st playoff game

It took four seasons for Le’Veon Bell to make his postseason debut. It took fewer than three quarters for him to break a 42-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers franchise record.

Bell broke Franco Harris’s single-game playoff rushing mark by running for an 8-yard touchdown late in the third quarter. The run gave him 165 yards on the day — more than the 158 Harris had gained in a Super Bowl win in 1975.

Bell, a two-time All-Pro, had missed the team’s previous three playoff games due to injury. He put a stamp on his big performance early in the game, tearing through the Miami Dolphins secondary like tissue paper on a 26-yard run that helped the Steelers take a dominating lead over their AFC foes.

Roethlisberger’s relief wouldn’t last, however. Two plays later, his pass to Antonio Brown caromed off the All-Pro’s hands and into Michael Thomas’ waiting arms. The turnover marked the first time all day the Dolphins had prevented Pittsburgh from capping a drive in the end zone.

Why so much red ink?

Cal recently completed the most expensive stadium renovation ever, as its field resides near a fault line and needed extensive structural repairs. The department hoped to pay for these repairs with long-term season ticket packages, but as the team has declined, they’ve fallen short of revenue goals. The struggles with the Pac-12 Network haven’t helped, either. The department is considering a variety of potentially drastic moves, including cutting multiple sports.

Packers beat Lions to win NFC North title

The Green Bay Packers have had an up-and-down season, but they ended it the way they usually do under Aaron Rodgers: NFC North champions. The Packers beat the Detroit Lions on Sunday Night Football, clinching the division and the fourth seed.

This is their sixth division title under head coach Mike McCarthy. They’ll host the New York Giants in the Wild Card round next week. The Lions, on the other hand, will travel to Seattle and face the Seahawks.

Rodgers was tremendous against the Lions, throwing for four touchdowns and 300 yards in the 31-24 win. He also extended plays with his legs, rushing for 42 yards.

He doesn’t play basketball aggressively or with violence, but with extreme savvy and utmost precision. Everything is calculated, somehow, even in the heat of the moment, dozens and dozens of times per game.

Saturday was a fattened, engorged version of Harden’s play all season. His game was the feeling you get after a huge Thanksgiving meal that forces you to slip into sweatpants by 7 p.m. No NBA player has ever recorded 50 points, 15 rebounds, and 15 assists in a game. Harden did all that plus a little, tying his career high in assists and setting one with his 53 points. The Knicks were even within three points with a few minutes to play, and Harden scored eight points with several more rebounds down the stretch to put them away for good.

Geovany Soto: Left the White Sox in 2015 for a chance to be a starter in Anaheim. Soto spent a lot of time on the disabled list in 2016 as he suffered inflammation in both knees.

Giants vs. Washington odds: New York leans on its starters for a 19-10 upset win

The Giants leaned heavily on their starters and beat Washington by a final score of 19-10. That was an upset win, according to the books, which had Washington as an 8-point favorite in some spots late Sunday.

Washington is just 5-16 straight up and 8-12-1 against the spread in their last 21 games against the New York Giants. With a win over the Giants at home on Sunday and no tie in the Green Bay at Detroit game on Sunday night, Washington would advance into the playoffs.

When he played with a glove after dislocating his finger in 2011, Stafford did not play well. He threw nine interceptions in a three-game stretch.

Prior to the injury, Stafford was having an MVP-type season in 2016. Through 15 games, he has 3,980 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, nine interceptions, and eight comeback victories.

The Lions’ star signal-caller rarely put Detroit in bad situations, and made big plays in the fourth quarter.

LeSean McCoy has had a great season, but he has been unfortunately hit with some injuries in its duration. He left the game Sunday with an ankle injury against the Jets.

The Buffalo Bills ruled McCoy out for the game as a result of the injury. McCoy ran the ball five times for 10 yards before the second-quarter injury.

McCoy was carted off the field, and it appears that his season will be cut short by a few quarters. McCoy later went back out onto the field in full uniform, jogging in front of trainers, appearing that he would try to play, according to ESPN’s Mike Rodak.